Future of Forestry - Young Man Follow (2012)

After a few quiet months from San Diego-based Future of Forestry, the album 'Young Man Follow', a new collection of ambient, melodic rock songs, has made its debut. Over the past 4 years fans have been treated to the 'Travel' EP series, two 'Adven't EP’s and a compilation of music that has been featured on 'Film and TV'. This latest release brings together the rich instrumentation and songwriting that makes Eric Owyoung one of the best musicians around. It’s been worth the wait for another full-length album from Future of Foresty.
The title track “Young Man Follow” kicks off this journey that focuses on the topic of love throughout the album's ten tracks. The unique blend of instruments build to tell a story of growth that resonates with listeners of any age. This track along with the visual element of the album cover really convey that this album is about a journey that we all have to take at some point in our lives.
'Young Man Follow' continues to feature the ambient sound that Future of Forestry has become known for, especially in a song like “As It Was”. The eerie feel of this track allows you to notice the great arrangement of bells, percussion, synthesizers and strings. Songs like “Come Alive” and “Would You Come Home” are so well put together that every layer of the music seems to fit together perfectly like a puzzle.
The album ends with the song “Love Be Your Mantra”. The very folksy feel helps bring 'Young Man Follow' to a close. Listening to this album really feels so much like a journey. Every track seems to bring a new element into the picture to create something that can only be described as beautiful.
Throughout the album it’s clear that Eric Owyoung is passionate about music. Any musician can find a song that they’ll listen to over and over just to catch all the elements. In the end, this album deserves a listen because it shares something that every one of us needs. This album represents our desire to find love, express love, and put aside differences for love. The love of life AND the love of music - great music!
Future of Forestry
Young Man Follow
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Future of Forestry - Young Man Follow (2012)
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1. Young Man Follow
2. Come Alive
3. Someone
4. As It Was
5. Would You Come Home
6. Feeling
7. Chariots
8. You
9. Things That We Would Say
10. Love Be Your Mantra

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