The Crookes - Hold Fast (2012)

Written almost entirely whilst careering around Europe in their trusty tour van throughout 2011’s Summer and Autumn, ‘Hold Fast’ conveys the quartet’s penchant for a well-written pop song for the noughties. Feasting on a soundtrack almost solely comprised of Motown and latter day copyists Stiff’s catalogue, The Crookes have lost none of their melody-laden wonder and retain an uncanny knack for an infectious tune. Following a well trodden path of poetry, prose and guitars, The Crookes’ valiant bid to make it their own can be witnessed throughout the ten tracks, from the opening salvo of recent single ‘Afterglow’ and the effervescent ‘Where Did Our Love Go?’ to the poignancy of album closer ‘The I Love You Bridge’ and the Microdisney–tinged brilliance and possibly highlight of the album, ‘American Girls’. The music of this album is more direct and brash than previous releases but lyrically it plays subtle tricks with seemingly overt poems of love and lust being subverted with buried meaning.

The Crookes
Hold Fast
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The Crookes - Hold Fast (2012)
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1. Afterglow
2. Maybe In the Dark
3. Stars
4. American Girls
5. The Cooler King
6. Hold Fast
7. Sal Paradise
8. Sofie
9. Where Did Our Love Go?
10. The I Love You Bridge
11. Collecting Skies

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Fierce Panda
United States
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