Alberta Cross - Songs of Patience (2012)

Alberta Cross is...

“…a British take on Southern rock…the seismic guitars and high vocals look to My Morning Jacket, Kings of Leon and Crazy Horse…but Alberta Cross sets aside those American bands’ redemptive undercurrents of blues and gospel; instead it plunges into the very English despair of bands like Pink Floyd.” – The New York Times

“…familiar and refreshing...Alberta Cross has taken incredible strides to earn global recognition.” – NPR

“combining wind tunnels of bent guitar riffs and distorted power chords with the haunting melodies of rural American music. It’s all topped by Ericson Stakee’s sweet, high-lonesome voice, which recalls both Jim James and Neil Young.” – Rolling Stone

“…fog-clearing pipes nod to MMJ's Jim James, and whose South-of-the-Mason-Dixon guitar chops recall the Followill Bros.” – Spin

“…an intoxicating mix of apocalyptic riffs, sob – worthy singalongs and brooding blues.” – NME

“…as electrically dark as it is electrifyingly determined… these ten songs have a kind of will of their own to reach our eardrums and come out the other side as goose bumps.” – Esquire

“…a hard-hitting, rock-driven affair, Lwith folk and soul undertones.” – BlackBook

Alberta Cross
Songs of Patience
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Alberta Cross - Songs of Patience (2012)
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1. Magnolia
2. Crate of Gold
3. Lay Down
4. Come on Maker
5. Ophelia on My Mind
6. Wasteland
7. I Believe in Everything
8. Life Without Warning
9. Money for the Weekend (Pocket Full of Shame)
10. Bonfires

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ATO Records
United Kingdom
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