Maxïmo Park - The National Health (2012)

On 28 March 2012, Maxïmo Park announced the fourth album title as "The National Health". Smith said "We're in a global recession and everyone is being bombarded with bouncy, happy music. The nation is out of control and the record is about taking back control, and being a force for change in your own life. It can't speak for everybody but it has its eyes and ears all around us… that's always been a Maxïmo Park thing: look at yourself." The album will be released on 11 June.

Maxïmo Park
The National Health
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Maxïmo Park - The National Health (2012)
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1. When I Was Wild
2. The National Health
3. Hips and Lips
4. The Undercurrents
5. Write This Down
6. Reluctant Love
7. Until the Earth Would Open
8. Banlieue
9. This Is What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
10. Wolf Among Men
11. Take Me Home
12. Unfamiliar Places
13. Waves of Fear
14. The Undercurrents (Acoustic)
15. Hips And Lips (Acoustic)
16. Reluctant Love (Acoustic)
17. Until The Earth Would Open (Acoustic)

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Universal Music
United Kingdom
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