Echo Lake - Wild Peace (2012)

2012 debut album from the British duo. "Wild Peace" is a considered, singular work brashly proving right all the hype. Marrying Thom Hill's huge, dense production style with countless interweaving layers of Linda Jarvis' emotive and cavernous voice, the tracks seem to float like the densest of mirages, maintaining a majestic indie-rock classicism. It's a uniquely direct and committed take on the melodic side of psychedelia's pop frontier; the sound of a band flying close to the sun with just their debut release.

Echo Lake
Wild Peace
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Echo Lake - Wild Peace (2012)
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320 kbps
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1. Another Day
2. Breathe Deep
3. Wild Peace
4. Even the Blind
5. Monday 5AM
6. Young Silence
7. In Dreams
8. Last Song of the Year
9. Swimmers
10. Just Kids

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No Pain In Pop
United States
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