Orca Team - Restraint (2012)

ORCA TEAM is a 1960s Post Punk Beach Party from the confusing waters of the Pacific Northwest. They make the music of a punk trio if everyone in the band decided to keep their volume low and their tones clean. Leif Anders and Jessica B. created ORCA TEAM with a sparse minimalistic spirit to song writing. Each song is short, sung with a lonesome croon, equipped with a melodic bass line, and drenched in reverb. Songs topics range from wearing a retainer, traveling to foreign cities, being a boring person, letting go of past feelings for a lover, and being a spoiled trust-funded baby. ORCA TEAM began in Portland, OR, but has migrated up to Seattle, WA. The TEAM now consists of Dwayne Cullen, Leif Anders and Jessica B. Top influences include Dusty Springfield, Young Marble Giants, The Flamingos, The Slits, Pylon, Del Shannon, The Smiths, Jan and Dean and The Raincoats.

Orca Team
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Orca Team - Restraint (2012)
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1. Behind Your Eyes
2. Night Moves
3. Michael
4. Strains
5. Ocean Ghost
6. Too Busy To Love Me
7. Little Suit
8. Been Crying All Day
9. If...
10. The Lowest Point
11. 8 X 8

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