Right Away, Great Captain! - The Church of the Good Thief (2012)

Right Away, Great Captain!, the solo side project of Manchester Orchestra lead singer Andy Hull, comes back into port six years after it began with its third and final chapter, "The Church Of The Good Thief". It pinpoints the end of the struggle for Hull’s protagonist, a 17th century sailor who chronicles, via a personal journal, his torturous time at sea, plagued by vivid memories of the betrayal that preceded his departure.

The record picks up right on the heels of the where the story left off after 2008′s second installment, The Eventually Home, finding the sailor standing over his wife, wrestling with the decision of whether to murder her or letting her live after she’s caught in the act of adultery with his own brother. According to Hull, “The Church Of The Good Thief begins about 30 minutes after The Eventually Home ends. In the heat of this moment, he is overwhelmed with the love he still has for his wife combined with the boiling hatred he has towards his brother. So he strangles his brother while laying next to his wife in bed.”

Right Away, Great Captain!
The Church of the Good Thief
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Right Away, Great Captain! - The Church of the Good Thief (2012)
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1. Blame
2. When I Met Death
3. I Am Aware
4. Old Again
5. Fur Stop Caring
6. I Wait For You
7. Barely Bit Me
8. Rotten Black Root
9. We Were Made Out Of Lightning
10. Memories From The End Pt. 1
11. Memories From The End Pt. 2

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Favorite Gentlemen
United States
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