Young Man - Vol. 1 (2012)

Before he was even finished with the debut Young Man album, ''Ideas of Distance'', Colin Caulfield already knew what he wanted to do with this one, his first studio album with a full band. Due out May 22nd, ''Vol. 1'' is the second in a three LP cycle first conceived in his Chicago dorm room in 2009. The idea was that after his introductory EP (2010's critically-lauded 'Boy'), he would release three full-length albums in a period of eighteen months. He wanted it to be a concept project about youth, about how that fleeting phase when you're emerging into adulthood can feel like reliving two decades of highs and lows in just a couple years. ''I wanted all the things to come out in succession,'' Caulfeild says, ''because the series documents what happened to me when I was writing them. The whole project more or less portrays the trajectory of a young musician, first staring out, making mistakes, then growing up.''

Young Man
Vol. 1
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Young Man - Vol. 1 (2012)
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1. Heading
2. Thoughts
3. By And By
4. Do
5. Fate
6. Wasted
7. 21
8. Wandering
9. Directions

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Frenchkiss Records
United States
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