All Will Be Quiet - On The First Day (2012)

After working for eighteen months on the upcoming album, the band is finally ready to release it. They waited until they were totally satisfied with the outcome. This can be heard in Wide Eyes and Space Flights, which is truly is a polished piece. Distinctive rhythm patterns, Alex Kauffmann's ethereal voice and the violin and the cello playing in the background make this song particularly interesting and powerful. And we all know how much I love the violin and cello.

The apocalyptic theme and atmosphere in Wide Eyes and Space Flights is a great foretaste of the upcoming album "On the First Day". With their debut album All Will Be Quiet tells a story of a new beginning, change and opportunities the humankind will face after everything is lost.

This is almost prog rock. Why do we need tags? But sometimes I hear a little Barclay James Harvest here. All in all I am really digging this band, and can hardly wait for the album to be released in May.

All Will Be Quiet
On The First Day
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All Will Be Quiet - On The First Day (2012)
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1. The First Day Pt. 1
2. Writing History
3. Dark Dreams
4. Until The End Of Time
5. Wide Eyes And Space Flights
6. The First Day Pt. 2
7. Toast To Life
8. Sinking Ship
9. Washed Away
10. A Promise

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Lionheart Records
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