White Fence - Family Perfume Vol. 2 (2012)

“Wake up. write. write . record. tweak. write. record. swallow. tweak out. tweak. bounce. write. wake up. record. sex? no. sleep. wake up. record. i hardly have anything but this anymore. i’m a slave to my cats. i feed them before i feed my stomach. but i love/live here in it. i had 80 songs, then chopped it to 60 and now to 30. Its a collection, and an album. i have some important things to say to myself. I’m a rock ‘ n roll soldier forever. i melt music. When people talk to me, i’m thinking about some song to do. I think i’ve been cursed. I have no say in the matter. A rainbow Vex. It’s OK though, it for the greater good. a song can make someone feel so good, or make someone want to write a better one. and sometimes, it could make you rob a liquor store. These are the songs of a man in a bag, and his blue pen.” - Tim Presley 

White Fence
Family Perfume Vol. 2
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White Fence - Family Perfume Vol. 2 (2012)
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1. Groundskeeper Rag (Man’s Man)
2. She Relief
3. I’d Sing
4. Real Smiles
5. Lizards First
6. It’s Confusing when you wake up
7. Upstart Girls
8. Stomach Sexes
9. A Good Night
10. Latchkeys
11. Anna
12. Be At Home
13. Makers
14. Tame
15. King Of The Decade

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United States
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