Maps & Atlases - Beware and Be Grateful (2012)

On their second full-length album, Chicago's Maps & Atlases defy easy categorization, choosing to walk their own incomparable musical path. Beware and Be Grateful sees the band's trademark experimentalism morphing to suit a more direct--though no less beguiling--songcraft. Fueled by a panoply of sonic influences, the album abounds with novel invention, spanning hymnal harmonies, percolating rhythms, even, in the case of centerpiece track, ''Silver Self,'' a full-on guitar solo (though to be fair, it's unlike any solo previously committed to wax). Songs like ''Remote And Dark Years'' and ''Fever'' are gloriously liquid and lyrical, channeling Maps & Atlases' tightly constructed creativity into a genuinely distinctive brand of boundary-busting, asymmetrical pop. Self-assured and astonishingly ambitious, "Beware and Be Grateful" is a worthy follow-up to the band's acclaimed Barsuk debut Perch Patchwork.

Maps & Atlases
Beware and Be Grateful
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Maps & Atlases - Beware and Be Grateful (2012)
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320 kbps
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1. Old & Gray
2. Fever
3. Winter
4. Remote and Dark Years
5. Silver Self
6. Vampires
7. Be Three Years Old
8. Bugs
9. Old Ash
10. Important

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United States
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