Screaming Females - Ugly (2012)

"Ugly" is a generous album, 14 songs in 54 minutes, and it’s got some songs that are bigger and more powerful than anything I’ve yet heard from the band — though it’s possible to imagine that they’ve been writing songs this good all along and that their recordings just weren’t up to the task of conveying those songs’ power. There’s something almost savant-like about the band’s grasp of classic-rock dynamics. Consider, for example, the false ending on “Leave It All Up To Me,” where the song dissolves into a quiet bit, then a feedbacky fade-out, and then returns with bloodthirsty vengeance, the riff ringing back in and cutting through the darkness, bringing the song back for one last triumphant chorus and solo. “Red Hand” is a terse punk riff-stomp, one that gives me happy flashbacks to first-album Clash, at least until Paternoster opens up her throat for a chorus roar that feels almost Danzig-level. On “Tell Me No,” her guitar solo hits some quasi-Middle Eastern melodic punch, like “Kashmir,” or prime Dick Dale. “Doom 84″ is nearly eight minutes of unrelenting divebomb riffage, and I had no idea it was even that long until I looked at my iTunes window just now — a pretty clear sign of a long song done effectively. “It’s Nice” is an album-ending string-laden acoustic ramble that feels like a well-earned contented sigh after all that fury. It’s almost not fair for an album to have this many great songs. After listening to it nonstop for the past month or so, I feel like I’m only just now starting to understand how good it is.

Screaming Females
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Screaming Females - Ugly (2012)
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256 kbps VBR AAC
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1. It All Means Nothing
2. Rotten Apple
3. Extinction
4. Red Hand
5. High
6. Expire
7. Crow's Nest
8. Tell Me No
9. Leave It All Up to Me
10. Doom 84
11. Help Me
12. Something Ugly
13. Slow Birth
14. It's Nice

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Don Giovanni Records
United States
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