Gemma Ray - Island Fire (2012)

"Island Fire" is an album that showcases Gemma at new heights of her songwriting and production powers, where she takes you through an album rich with lavish orchestral alt-pop (They All Wanted A Slice, Bring Ring Ring Yeah), intimate riff-led showstoppers (Flood and a Fire, I Can See You), ubiquitous and bitter-sweet girl-group-sounds (Put Your Brain In Gear, Rescue Me), brooding and epic psychedelia (Make It Happen) and much more besides. The album also features, as bonus tracks, the project Gemma Ray Sings Sparks (With Sparks), an unprecedented and unlikely collaboration with the Mael Brothers, which can only be described as Sparks covering Gemma Ray covering Sparks (!).

Confounding expectations at every turn, she effortlessly blends disparate genres into unified and grandiose sounds. This trait was acknowledged when her 2009 album Lights Out Zoltar! won an Independent Music Award for Best Eclectic Album.

Gemma though, has a different but equally powerful effect when she strips it back to voice and guitar, as with her 2010 covers album It's A Shame About Gemma Ray. 

Gemma Ray is often seen with an 8" carving knife holstered into the bridge of her guitar, pulled out at certain intervals to embellish her sound with lustre. But this is no gimmick - she is at ease with her craft, and even counts Jimmy Page as an admirer. Yes the knife is dangerous (it put her in hospital after an accident onstage in Oslo), but it is her hooked songs which could prove fatal, delivered as they are with heart-stopping voice.

Gemma Ray
Island Fire
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Gemma Ray - Island Fire (2012)
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1. Alight! Alive!
2. Put Your Brain In Gear
3. Runaway
4. Troup De Loup
5. Fire House
6. Flood And A Fire
7. Make It Happen
8. Rescue Me
9. They All Wanted A Slice
10. I Can See You
11. Bring Ring Ring Yeah
12. Here Comes The Light
13. How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall? (with Sparks)
14. Eaten By The Monster Of Love (with Sparks)

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