Amps for Christ & Woods - Woods / Amps for Christ (2012)

Shrimper Records has a long-standing tradition, going back to the early years of the label, of its artists collaborating with one another—from John Davis and Lou Barlow’s Folk Implosion to Franklin Bruno and John Darnielle’s Extra Glenns / Lens, with dozens of other examples in between. This split between Woods and Amps for Christ began as an idea for a 7-inch single, but grew into a full-length LP featuring four songs by each artist and an additional collaborative track. While Woods and Amps for Christ explore a lot of the same land mass, each turns over different rocks and shards of glass. And even though the two work independently from one another, listeners will hear the sublime manner in which the LP’s two sides (or the harsh, tinny digital skree of the MP3s for you 20th century types, dig your irony) complement one another both musically and lyrically. Check out the ESP interplay of Henry Barnes and Jeremy Earl when together or separated by coasts.

Amps for Christ & Woods
Woods / Amps for Christ
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Amps for Christ & Woods - Woods / Amps for Christ (2012)
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1. When - Amps for Christ
2. Native Chantz - Amps for Christ
3. Lord Bateman (Child #53) - Amps for Christ
4. Roto Koto in C Major - Amps for Christ
5. Sleep - Woods
6. From Oatmeal To Buttermilk - Amps for Christ & Woods
7. Wind Was the Wine - Woods
8. Brothers - Woods
9. September Saturn - Woods

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