Graham Coxon - A+E (2012)

2012 from the British guitarist, singer and songwriter, best known for his work with Blur. Aptly named not only for the sense of scratchy, frantic urgency that suffuses its 10 songs, "A+E" finds Graham continuing with his singular vision as a truly eclectic artist. Playing all the instruments and improvising in the studio, Coxon found himself preoccupied with lyrical themes around the effects of weekend hedonism in modern Britain, on which A+E shines an outsider's light, albeit with a mordant, sharp wit. Produced by Ben Hillier, A+E features Coxon's distinctive, visceral Garage-punk-pop and is inspired by the experimental genres of Krautrock and the black & white, post-punk era ' bringing to mind artists such as Neu! ('City Hall'), Can and Kraftwerk ('What'll It Take'), as well as Peter Hamill, Joy Division ('Knife In The Cast') and Monochrome Set - with hypnotic, driving grooves ('The Truth'). This may be the closet Graham has ever come to making, in a skewed sense of the word, 'dance' music. Parlophone.

Graham Coxon
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Graham Coxon - A+E (2012)
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1. Advice
2. City Hall
3. What'll It Take
4. Meet and Drink and Pollinate
5. The Truth
6. Seven Naked Valleys
7. Running for Your Life
8. Bah Singer
9. Knife in The Cast
10. Ooh, Yeh Yeh

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United Kingdom
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