Mystery Jets - Radlands (2012)

Mystery Jets release their fourth studio album 'Radlands' on Rough Trade. The album was recorded in Aaustin, Texas and London and was co-produced by Mystery Jets and Dan Carey.

''We've always wanted to make a record in america and after touring 'Serotonin' the time felt perfect to go and do it. Our first three albums were entirely conceived and recorded in London so going out to Austin felt like the furthest place from everything we knew.'' ''We arrived with a handful of songs, but one in particular felt like it captured the spirit of why we had come there. It was called 'Radlands' (a fusion of the 1970s Terrence Malick film 'Badlands' and redlands, Keith Richard's sussex estate), which is also what we named our studio; a big old wooden house on the banks of the Colorado river.''

Mystery Jets
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Mystery Jets - Radlands (2012)
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1. Radlands
2. You Had Me At Hello
3. Someone Purer
4. The Ballad Of Emmerson Lonestar
5. Greatest Hits
6. The Hale Bop
7. The Nothing
8. Take me Where The Roses Grow
9. Sister Everett
10. Lost In Austin
11. Luminescense

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Rough Trade
United States
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