Escape With Romeo - Samsara (2012)

The  Journey started more  than 20  years  ago: Atari computers, Drummachines, 4 Track Recorder, Recordplayer, Guitar and bass and a lot of musical ideas. With his  project "Escape with Romeo" the ideas of  cologne based guitarist and singer Thomas Elbern became reality.    

The first record was released in 1989 and from here things start moving: Their song "Somebody"  hits  the clubs and EWR became a full band, touring and playing in germany and creating a huge fanbase. 

Escape with Romeo have played countless live shows  and are well known especially in spain as a regular touring band. But also the US, Russia (where they released 3 of their albums) and South america have discovered EWR.

Now, more than 20  years, 10 records and  a live DVD later, it's time  for a new  sign of  life. The  brandnew album "Samsara" is due to  release Feb  2012 and marks a  new chapter in the history  of the  band.  There  will be also songs in german (for the first time) and the  whole sounddesign has become a more  electronic edge. And  also the liveperformance will  have a new  aspect because EWR will  work with  a visual artist to integrate their idea of sound  and vision. They will present their new concept at the 2 porta nigra festivals in Aarschot and Cologne for the first time.

Escape With Romeo
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1. Everyone Against Everyone
2. Simulationen
3. Sie Liebt Dich (Nicht)
4. Ground Control
5. Tears Of Kali
6. No Place To Go Now
7. Spring Auf Den Zug
8. Freier Fall
9. Enter Samsara
10. Wrong Laila
11. Stadt Ohne Namen
12. Vom Heiligen Krieg
13. Eleisia
14. Utopia

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Zeit.Klang Records
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