Wallis Bird - Wallis Bird (2012)

Few people would self title an album to make a statement, but that is exactly what Irish born singer/songwriter Wallis Bird has done with her third album. Recorded in part in a communist radio station in Berlin, a haunted house on a cliff in Ireland during the worst snowstorm for 30 years, and in her own flat in Brixton during the London riots, the album is every bit as wild, unpredictable and diverse as Wallis herself. So all we can expect from Wallis Bird’s 3rd studio album is Wallis herself, and on this album we see all of her.

Wallis Bird
Wallis Bird
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320 kbps
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1. Dress My Skin and Become What I'm Supposed To
2. I Am So Tired of That Line
3. Encore
4. Take Me Home
5. In Dictum
6. Ghosts of Memories
7. Heartbeating City
8. Who's Listening Now
9. But I'm Still Here, I'm Still Here
10. Feathered Pocket
11. Polarised

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United Kingdom
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