anna.luca - Listen and Wait (2012)

“I’m gonna be the hurricane that rushes through your veins...!" anna.luca is on her way to becoming one of the great new discoveries on the international jazz scene. This Swedish-German singer has already toured extensively with the successful NuJazz project CLUB DES BELUGAS, playing at such renowned festivals as The Hague Jazz Festival, and scoring great success with songs like “The Road is Lonesome” or “It’s a Beautiful Day”. This young musician has now recorded her first solo album. Her lyrics and music are highly individual and full of energy, but also fragile and melodious. She describes what she sees and feels with great attention to detail, resulting in 13 songs about everyday miracles, love and loss, cigarettes and wine, the yearning for far away places and her desire to find a home. Her music, however, has already achieved this and found its own style – somewhere between jazz and pop, between Tom Waits, J.J. Cale and Billie Holiday, who have always been her great sources of inspiration. No matter whether her music is unplugged or electric, gentle or headstrong, wild or melancholy, you can feel the honesty in every syllable she sings. To capture the character of the songs and her passion for performing with other musicians, her producer Jonas Filtenborg recorded the band playing all the titles live in a single room in his E-Sound studios in Amsterdam in a two day recording session in February 2010. No extravagant production, just pure music. Thanks for listening.

Listen and Wait
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1. Beautiful Dawn
2. Miracle of Love
3. Listen and Wait
4. Everything I've Got in My Pocket
5. Old Fellow Fear
6. Collecting Pieces
7. You Can Keep What's Yours and I Will Keep What's Mine
8. Someone Who Moves My Feet
9. Love Me Quietly
10. First Class Suicide
11. Your Girl
12. Cigarettes and Wine + You're Not the Man

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Chinchin Germany
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