Paul Weller - Sonik Kicks (2012)

With a 22-track experimental opus and a Mercury-nominated whipcracker preceding this record, you could forgive Paul Weller if he fancied playing it a little bit safe with his latest LP - maybe roping in some guest stars and recreating the vibe of Stanley Road or Wild Wood. Credit to the man with one of the crappest nicknames in music then, because with Sonik Kicks The Modfather has completed a hat-trick of records that genuinely challenge his status quo.
With any Weller record, the sense of energy and enthusiasm that you get on first listen is usually a good indicator of the standards to be found within. Even on his more traditional records, you can see if his heart is in it or not, and proceed or not from that point. One listen to ‘Green’, Sonik Kicks’ opener, tells you that it’s going to be worth sticking about.
Paul Weller
Sonik Kicks
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1. Green
2. The Attic
3. Kling I Klang
4. Sleep of the Serene
5. By the Waters
6. That Dangerous Age
7. Study in Blue
8. Dragonfly
9. When Your Garden's Overgrown
10. Around the Lake
11. Twilight
12. Drifters
13. Paperchase
14. Be Happy Children

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Universal Island Records
United Kingdom
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