Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat - Weltuntergangsstimmung (2012)

Early March 2012 will see the release of Belgian’s Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat fifth studio album. The record, boldly titled, ‘Weltuntergangsstimmung’ will be released on Zeal and Onderstroom Records and will mark a shift in the band’s droney folk sound.
Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat is the music project of Stef Heeren which saw the light in 2005 with it’s debut record ‘If the sky falls, we shall catch larks’ on the adventurous Kraak label. Inspired by alternative folk acts such as Current 93 and Six Organs Of Admittance, Stef commenced on an solo musical embarkment after the demise of several punk bands he was involved in. The band’s name is translated as “doing black magic” and pretends to glorify counterculture. Because of it’s notoriety, the name was offered a spot in The Wire’s top ten list of “most absurd band names ever”.
Heeren’s blend of alternative folk and ethnic drone sounds on his debut album was received positively worldwide by press and public and in the wake of the first concerts Stef surrounded himself with fellow musicians to perform his music with a band. It is out of this context that the next albums of Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat grew. Broadening it’s sound, adding drums, bass and electric guitars, the band released it’s next albums “An interlude to the Outermost” (2007) and “The Nebulous Dreams” (2008).
With this line-up the band toured Europe in support of Daniel Higgs (Lungfish) and was invited by hosts as Domino Festival (Brussels), State X New Forms (Den Haag) and Summer Darkness Festival (Utrecht) among others.
In 2010 Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat released it’s most accessible, though uncompromising, record to date. The album ‘Hewers of wood and drawers of water’ saw the band focussing on proper folksongs and arrangements and for the first time in the band’s history, they entered a recording studio with Koen Gisen at the producer’s helm. With several excellent press reviews, Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat spent the rest of the year playing many live-shows including Eurosonic 2011 (Groningen), Les Nuits Botanique (Brussels) and also made the line-up of the tragic edition of Pukkelpop 2011.
In the meantime, through various ways of sound exploration, a new world opened up before Heeren. The only electric or electronic instruments Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat have ever used until then were limited to guitar and organ. By coincidence and persistence, Stef got his hands on an old Roland Juno 6 analogue synthesizer and was immediately blown away by it’s capabilities. In a way Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat have always been about sound, rather than actual songwriting and the introduction to synthesizers simply enriched the old recipe.
With a taste for new wave music and again under the supervision of producer Koen Gisen Heeren recorded the album ‘Weltuntergangsstimmung’ at Koen’s studio ‘La Patrie’ in the fall of 2011 using only an old drum machine, analogue synths and chorused guitars. Matthias Debusschere provided chorused bass lines and An Pierlé delivered backing vocals. Musically, the core of Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat’s ingredients remain intact, but it’s arguably a bit more music to dance to than in the past. And thematically, Stef’s lyric writing got more transparent, omitting biblical references and focussing on personal themes such as disillusionment and alienation. ‘Weltuntergangsstimmung’ indeed.
Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat
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1. My Word As Gospel
2. Define p
3. The Shadows Are You
4. Ruins
5. Triple fall
6. Shake off your dreams
7. Let things drift
8. Weltuntergangsstimmung

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