Good Old War - Come Back As Rain (2012)

Indie-folk trio Good Old War will release their third full-length album "Come Back as Rain" on Sargent House records on March 6, 2012. The album was recorded last spring in Mike Mogis’ (Bright Eyes, Cursive) Omaha, Neb. studio and was produced by Jason Cupp.

The album will be the band’s first since their self-titled effort in 2010. Vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Keith Goodwin said the album was inspired by “that longing for home that happens when you’re away all the time.”

According to guitarist, vocalist and Good Old War co-founder Dan Schwartz, the album does a great job of capturing the band’s onstage energy.

“When we play live, it’s really natural and energetic and in your face,” Schwartz said. “With the new record we’ve found a way to capture that live feel like never before. So even though this one’s got some heavier material, there’s still something upbeat and joyous there.”

Good Old War
Come Back As Rain
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320 kbps
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1. Over and Over
2. Calling Me Names
3. Amazing Eyes
4. Better Weather
5. Can't Go Home
6. Not Quite Happiness
7. Touch The Clouds (Taste The Ground)
8. It Hurts Every Time
9. After The Party
10. Loud Love
11. Present For The End Of The World

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Sargent House
United States
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