Les Discrets - Ariettes Oubliées... (2012)

Les Discrets, the solo project founded by Fursy Teyssier (Alcest, Amesoeurs) in 2003, steps forth from its Myspace existence into the light of day.

"'Les Discrets' (engl.: the discreet ones) are those creatures that live in nature and who bring nature to life, the ones who make the leaves move, who put dew on the flowers each morning, who throw the pollen in the air ... That's a parallel life that we are not able to see, but that many of us can feel. The project's concept is pervaded by this perception of nature as well as my existential questions, especially about the feelings of love and death, as I always found a parallel between nature and human life and love," Fursy outlines the concept of Les Discrets.

Les Discrets
Ariettes Oubliées...
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1. Linceul d'Hiver
2. La Traversee
3. Le Mounvement Perpetuel
4. Ariettes Oubliees I: Je Devine a Travers Un Murmure...
5. La Nuit Muerte
6. Au Creux de L'Hiver
7. Apres L'Ombre
8. Les Regrets

1. Le Souffle Froid
2. Ariettes Oubliees II: Il Pleure Dans Mon Coeur... (featuring Gianluca Divirgilio-Arctic Plateau)
3. L'Echappee (Acoustic version)

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Prophecy Records
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