Heartless Bastards - Arrow (2012)

On "Heartless Bastards" new record, Arrow, the eccentric, hypnotic nature of songwriter Erika Wennerstrom's voice is captured by producer Jim Eno (Spoon) who helps blend the bands driving, straight-forward Rock 'N' Roll into a record that sounds unique and refreshing. Arrow instantly feels fearless and marks a major step forward for a band who continues develop with every release. Thanks to support from the likes of David Letterman, NPR, and a cameo appearance in the hit NBC show Friday Night Lights, Heartless Bastards show no sign of slowing down. Their past three albums have consecutive increases in sales from 20K(Stairs and Elevators) to 30K(All This Time) to 40K (The Mountain). Early press feedback has been unanimously positive, the most common response is that of Arrow being the Heartless Bastards career-defining record. Perhaps most exciting are the early indicators at radio, with WXPN, KCRW, WFPK, WFUV, KUT, and KXT already adding the record to their rotation

Heartless Bastards
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1. Marathon
2. Parted Ways
3. Got To Have Rock And Roll
4. Only For You
5. Simple Feeling
6. Skin And Bone
7. The Arrow Killed The Beast
8. Late In The Night
9. Low Low Low
10. Down In The Canyon

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Partisan Records
United States
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