Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Bat Chain Puller (2012)


"Bat Chain Puller" is the 13th studio album by Captain Beefheart. The album was originally recorded in 1976 by DiscReet Records, who intended to release it with Virgin Records as Captain Beefheart's tenth studio album. Bat Chain Puller was co-produced by Captain Beefheart and Kerry McNab.

The album was a subject of friction between DiscReet cofounders Herb Cohen and Frank Zappa. Cohen had used Zappa's royalty checks to fund the album's production, and this led Zappa to withhold the master tapes from Virgin. Beefheart recorded a new album for Warner Bros., Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller), with no involvement from Cohen or Zappa.

Following a lawsuit which was settled in 1982, the album remained unreleased until 2011, when Zappa's family announced that they would release the original Bat Chain Puller in its intended form.


Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
Bat Chain Puller
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1. Bat Chain Puller
2. Seam Crooked Sam
3. Harry Irene
4. 81 Poop Hatch
5. Flavor Bud Living
6. Brick Bats
7. Floppy Boot Stomp
8. Chariot (Ah Carrot Is As Close As Ah Rabbit Gets To Ah Diamond)
9. Owed T' Alex
10. Odd Jobs
11. Human Totem Pole (The 1000th And 10th Day Of The Human Totem Pole)
12. Apes-Ma
13. Bat Chain Puller (alternate mix)
14. Candle Mambo"
15. Hobo-Ism

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Vaulter Native Records
United States
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