Rosie Thomas - With Love (2012)

Rosie Thomas - We can't think of a nicer possible valentine than new music from the brilliant, witty and completely wonderful singer/songwriter Rosie Thomas... her first new album of original music in four years is all about the transformative and healing power of love -- something the Seattle/New York songwriter knows all about following a two year bout with a thyroid disorder and subsequent severe anxiety...
// Release: "With Love" (February 14, Sing-A-Long Records)
// Sounds like: No one can turn a sweet and tender melody into a beatific moment of such achingly sublime intimacy quite like Thomas...the warmly lo-fi production and instrumentation from David Bazan and Blake Wescott along with backing by members of Sufjan Stevens’ band, Sam Beam (Iron & Wine) and Jen Wood (The Postal Service) set the stage for Thomas' more confident, deliciously sugar-and-spice vocals...
Quote: “I woke up one morning, and the sun shined in the window, and I didn’t mind,” Rosie says of her recovery; “the birds chirped and I thought they were singing for me. The world felt like it was back on my side again or vice versa, and I finally fit in again.”
// What we like: Thomas refers to the studio sessions as encouraging her "more playful" side but we also hear a more serious overall approach in giving her songs greater depth in sound and scope..."Where Was I" delivers more pleasure per note than 99% of Thomas' contemporaries, a gloriously off-beat and jazzy time signature giving her and the band the chance to stretch out luxuriously...
Rosie Thomas
With Love
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1. Where Was I
2. Over The Moon
3. In Time
4. Like Wildflowers
5. Two Worlds Colide
6. 2 Birds
7. Is This Love
8. Back To Being Friends
9. Really Long Year
10. Sometimes Love

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Sing-A-Long Records
United States
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