Arctic Plateau - The Enemy Inside (2012)


Childhood and its memories these have always been important topics for Gianluca Divirgilio. On his debut album On A Sad Sunny Day, the mastermind of Arctic Plateau came to terms with his relationship to that period of his life and his memories of a wholly different perception of the world. With his new album "The Enemy Inside", the Italian musician continues this wallowing and yearning, but he also contrasts it with the realities of adult life in order to criticize the loss of childlike innocence and the blunting of human emotions. 

In musical terms, Divirgilio pushes even deeper forward into the realm he entered with his debut On A Sad Sunny Day in 2009: dreamy Post Rock meets melancholic singer/songwriter elements, and sometimes this mixture is dragged down to earth by crushing guitars. Hence, the conflict between the world of childhood and adult life is reflected in the instrumentation and the arrangements as well. Divirgilio has this to say: We are living in a small world full of wonderful and interesting things it's only that we as adults have become too blunt to remind ourselves of this fact. With "The Enemy Inside", he invites us to become aware of this fact again and maybe discover a spark of our former innocence within ourselves.


Arctic Plateau
The Enemy Inside
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1. Music's Like...
2. Bambini Piangete
3. Idiot Adult
4. Abuse
5. Catarctic Cartoons
6. The Enemy Inside
7. Melancholy is Not Only for Soldiers
8. Loss and Love
9. Big Fake Brother
10. Wrong
11. Trentasette

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