inVerse - A Record (2012)

inVerse is an underground rock band, formed in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in 2005. When sticking to genres, inVerse’ sound may be tentatively described as “conceptual post-punk, dream-pop and post-hardcore-tinged music” although this definition is only based on the number of influences, which are mostly from 80’s and 90’s. It does not entirely cover what can be heard both on the live performances and on the forthcoming LP.
Within the existence period the four boys have passed a long way starting from amateur indie-pop that used to sound a lot like twee (mostly due to the band members’ ineptitude for playing musical instruments at that time). Fortunately, it had not taken them so long to start doing something much more serious since the new guitar player joined the band and changed inVerse’ direction into a darker one. Later on, the experiments with the new songs’ structures as well as extended gigging experience forced the emergence of a really thoughtful sound, yet being well-combined with earnest and personal lyrics. 
A Record
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320 kbps

1. The Only Thing
2. Strawberry
3. Cliché
4. Senseless
5. Richey
6. Tidal
7. Nobody's Right
8. Sunk
9. 13
10. Colours
11. Enough

Russian Federation
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