Errors - Have Some Faith In Magic (2012)

In many ways, "Have Some Faith in Magic" helps Errors secure their place atop the UK's shagpile of bleep-making behemoths. This is the sound of a band taking stock. A band more measured than ever before. There are no stray movements, no wayward throes. Every note is considered, mulled, strangulated. Yet, it's surprising just how non-manipulated it feels. Somehow, amidst all the rigid architecture, Errors have conjured up something utterly organic in nature, but skin-tight in direction.

Admittedly, it is, quite probably, a peak they'll never again scale. But Errors are no longer inviting us to come back down with them. They're no longer in the mood for, like, whatever. That was another time, another band. Right now, they're taking us to where they want to go. And they can. Why? Because this is a band in complete control.

Have Some Faith In Magic
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256 kbps AAC
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1. Tusk
2. Magna Encarta
3. Blank Media
4. Pleasure Palaces
5. The Knock
6. Canon
7. Earthscore
8. Cloud Chamber
9. Barton Spring
10. Holus-Bolus

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Rock Action Records
United Kingdom
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