The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Magic of Youth (2011)

Well, 28 years after their formation, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones have reached that stage in their career, and as 'The Impression That I Get' was the first single this writer ever bought it goes without saying that I have always enjoyed this band.
With new album ‘The Magic Of Youth' (due for release on December 6) it's very much a case of business as usual, which means a nice mix of ska-core and energy.
Opening track ‘The Daylights' kicks things off with a bang showcasing vocalist Dicky Barrett's trademark gravely and throaty vocal style, backed up by more horn instruments and riffs than you can shake a stick at. It might have been two years since their last album but evidently they haven't missed a beat.
As usual, some of the Bosstones best tracks are the ones that make you want to dance ‘til your feet are on fire - ‘Sunday Afternoons On Wisdom Ave' is one of the album's standout tracks, ‘They Will Need Music' is the kind of song with ace sing-along potential at live shows and a track in which all the instruments just come together to make a really uplifting song and 'The Ballad Of Candlepin Paul' is unrelenting, only allowing you time to breathe during the chorus.
If I could describe ‘The Magic Of Youth' in one word it would be "nostalgic". This is due to a hearty mix of Dicky's lyrical content as well as the fact the band's music reminds me of my first forays into the world of punk rock about 200 years ago (well, not quite). 'The Magic Of Youth' is not as strong as previous albums - so if someone was to ask us to recommend them a Bosstones record, this wouldn't be it - but to lifetime fans like me (and other Soundspheremag staff), I know exactly what you're getting, and I like it.
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
The Magic of Youth
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1. The Daylights
2. Like A Shotgun
3. Disappearing
4. Sunday Afternoons On Wisdom Ave.
5. They Will Need Music
6. The Package Store Petition
7. The Horse Shoe And The Rabbit's Foot
8. The Magic Of Youth
9. The Upper Hand
10. The Ballad Of Candlepin Paul
11. Open And Honest

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Big Rig Records
United States
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