Cut City - Where's The Harm In Dreams Disarmed (2011)

"Knowing that this piece of work will (probably) be the last thing we’ll release, we knew it was important to take our time and make it the best album ever with the most inspiring songs we’ve written. 'Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed?' is the best thing we’ve produce during our somewhat short career. It’s noisy, it’s dreamy, it’s dark, it’s bright; it spans from anger to apathy, dread to disgust and everything inbetween. Still it’s a work of love and there’s not a second on it that doesn’t strike a nerve within us..."

Cut City
Where's The Harm In Dreams Disarmed
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320 kbps

1. Void
2. A Modest Recovery
3. The Sound & The Sore
4. Cults Revisited
5. Future Tears Todays
6. War Drum
7. The Kids of Masochism High
8. Left of Denial
9. Ghost Pose 1) Lover, 2) Drifter, 3) Floater

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