Blouse - Blouse (2011)

BLOUSE is based out of a warehouse in Portland, Oregon. The project started in the summer of 2010, after Los Angeles native Charlie Hilton met Patrick Adams in art school. They began spending nights at the warehouse recording with Jacob Portrait. After posting two demo tracks to Bandcamp, the group was picked up by Captured Tracks out of Brooklyn, NY. The first 7″ single Into Black was released March of this year by Captured Tracks. Sub Pop Records released their second single Shadow two months later. The full-length record will be released on Captured Tracks November 7th
This self-titled debut LP will show Blouse in a new light and to a larger audience. The album is more of an unveiling as each song rolls out the map of new territory that Blouse is claiming, this new wavy sound that is all their own. Hiltons’ powerfully alluring voice guides this experience in a dream-like manner. Blouse has hit their stride with this release and will have listeners beckoning for more.
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1. Firestarter
2. Time Travel
3. They Always Fly Away
4. Into Black
5. Videotapes
6. Controller
7. Roses
8. White
9. Ghost Dream
10. Fountain in Rewind

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Captured Tracks
United States
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