Tokyo Police Club - 10x10x10 (2011)

It’s no question that Tokyo Police Club is one of the hardest working bands today. Since the release of their second full-length studio album Champ they’ve been turning it out fast, first with the re-release of Champ which included remixes and new tracks and now with their newest album 10x10x10 (10 Songs |10 Years | 10 Days) – a cover album – set to drop next Tuesday.

If I were Leah Miller I could sum up this record in one annoying sentence – at times [the band] “was completely out of their genre but the audience loved it”. Though there’s truth to this statement, the tracks on the record say so much more for the band. Let me break it down for you.

Throughout the duration of this album Tokyo Police Club takes the listener back in time through the 2000s, exploring a number of different genres in the process. Kicking off the record (and setting a high standard for the songs to come) is Moby’s Southside originally featuring Gwen Stefani. A shiny-headed Moby is replaced by shaggy-haired Graham Wright creating perfect juxtaposition between his vocals and smooth bass lines while managing to retain all the sex appeal of the original. Adding to this contrast is M83’s Morgan Kibby playing the role of Gwen Stefani. This is the first time the band has incorporated female backup vocals and while I wouldn’t want to mess up their unique sound, I wouldn’t be opposed if they went co-ed from time to time.

Let’s switch it up now to some pop action from our favorite American Idol, Kelly Clarkson. The cover of “Since U Been Gone” doesn’t seem nearly as serious as the majority of the record partially because Wright doesn’t sound enthused at all to be singing it and partially because it’s hard to be enthused about Kelly Clarkson. This song is something reserved for karaoke, and while it’s not the best cover they’ve done, they make the song much more enjoyable as a whole.

With the fall season upon us it’s likely you or your parents are looking for some eerie music to play on Hallow’s Eve. TPC have you covered! (Pun fully intended). Behold their rendition of Queens of the Stone Age’s “Little Sister”. Maybe it’s the slower tempo of this version or maybe it’s that you can understand the lyrics a little better, but either way this one should be set aside for fright night. Combine spot-on catchy guitar riffs and a little help from Australian musician Orianthi and you’ve got something that really puts the boys out of their element.

I could go on for days about what makes each song choice brilliant (with the exception of “Party in the USA” for obvious reasons) but here’s what it comes down to - whether you’re a fan of their traditional style, you love grooving to the smooth rhythms of LCD Soundsystem or The Strokes’ captivating riffs, there’s no denying they really hit the mark with this one. So pick it up, pop it in, and prepare to be taken through the decade – Tokyo Police Club style.

Tokyo Police Club
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256 kbps AAC

1. South Side (feat. Morgan Kibby of M83/White Sea)
2. Sweetness (feat. Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit)
3. Under Control
4. Since U Been Gone
5. Little Sister (feat. Orianthi)
6. Long Distance Call (feat. Ray Suen of Mariachi El Bronx)
7. All My Friends
8. Kim & Jessie (feat. Jamie Jackson of Hot As Sun)
9. Strictly Game
10. Party in the U.S.A.

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