The New Division - Shadows (2011)

The New Division has been one of THE finds of 2011. The Rookie, their first LP, was just choice, one great tune after another, drawing from Joy Divison, New Order, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, early Fixx – the more I listened, the more bits and pieces of bands from that era I heard – to create a sound all their own. Their sound is a neo-New Wave that is as immaculate as it is addictive.

This may be my album of the year. It is at least top three. I do not know if there is a market for this nor do I know whether the public is ready for music of this ilk. What I do know is that this is some of the finest music released this year. This might come out of heavy rotation here at the house, but it will not be anytime soon, maybe not the rest of this year.

The New Division
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320 kbps

1. Opium
2. Shallow Play
3. Sense
4. Shadows
5. Violent
6. Soft
7. Munich
8. True Lies
9. LA Noire
10. Hearts for Sale
11. Special
12. Memento
13. Shadows II
14. Saturday Night

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