Spectrals - Bad Penny (2011)

Spectrals is 21-year-old Louis Jones. Mixing ingredients of pop, soul, doo-wop and garage rock ballads, it sounds vintage but current, while the Yorkshire lilt in Jones's voice (a result of his hometown, Heckmondwike) places him firmly in the UK, rather than Detroit. Spectrals has always been a small operation. Now in its third year of existence, Jones started by recording in a friend's knocked-together studio and posting the tracks on MySpace. Despite being intended for his closest friends, his songs soon attracted the attention of discerning labels all over the world: from Brooklyn's Captured Tracks (Dum Dum Girls, Wild Nothing) to Brighton's Sex Is Disgusting (Mazes, Human Hair) to Underground Peoples, where he eventually released last year's Extended Play.

Bad Penny
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1. Get A Grip
2. Lockjaw
3. You Don't Have To Tell Me
4. Big Baby
5. Many Happy Returns
6. You Can't Live On Love Alone
7. Doing Time
8. Confetti
9. Luck Is There To Be Pushed
10. Brain Freeze
11. If I Think About The Magic Will It Go Away?

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Captured Tracks
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