Neon Indian - Era Extraña (2011)

Neon Indian will follow up 2009's BNM'ed Psychic Chasms with the new album "Era Extraña". Main man Alan Palomo will release in North America through his own Static Tongues imprint, via Mom + Pop Music in North America, on September 13. (It's also coming out on Transgressive Records in Europe and the UK, Pop Frenzy/Inertia in Australia and Big Nothing in Japan.) That's the cover up there.
Palomo wrote and recorded the album last winter in Helsinki, Finland, and Flaming Lips collaborator Dave Fridmann mixed the album and did post-production at his own upstate New York studio. (Palomo himself produced.) Song titles include "Polish Girl", "Future Sick", "The Blindside Kiss", and, best of all, "Hex Girlfriend". There's also a three-part instrumental piece called "Heart: Attack", "Heart: Decay", and "Heart: Release".
Neon Indian
Era Extraña
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1. Heart Attack
2. Polish Girl
3. The Blindside Kiss
4. Hex Girlfriend
5. Heart Decay
6. Fallout
7. Era Extraña
8. Halogen (I Could Be A Shadow)
9. Future Sick
10. Suns Irrupt
11. Heart Release
12. Arcade Blues

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Transgressive Records
United States
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