Cats And Cats And Cats - Mother Whale (2011)

Imagine Belle & Sebastian reinvented as a shoe-gazing/twee-pop hybrid, all hand-clapped choruses and walls of guitar fuzz. Incongruous, at the very least, and rather confused, suggesting different influences at the heart pulling in different directions.
There's a host of male/female vocal sharing, which are cute ('Match of the Day') and endearing ('O' Science'). Then there are twee melodies, complete
with swirling blasts of violins, trumpets and xylophones. There are also generous amounts of time-signature playtime, topped off by occasional forays into the downright maudlin ('A Song for my Mother, the Whale'). It's like being cornered at a party by The Decemberists and Youth Movies; that's a lot of polite smiling and slow munching of vol-au-vents.
Natural conclusion number one is that 'Motherwhale' is an attempted concept album in the shape of British indie. Natural conclusion number two is that the eventual thirteen track running order is the result of much mud slung at walls in the hope of something coherent would stick. Despite all the musicianship on show, not to mention the engrossing lyrics and wordplay, these things only assist the curious listener into losing concentration. Anybody left undaunted by forty minutes of twisted folk may yet baulk at the concluding eleven minutes of 'Come Home', essentially a best-of compilation featuring the trumpet melody from the Antiques Roadshow theme tune. By ending the lyric 'This isn't how it should end', they appear to be making the job of reviewing much easier.
Cats And Cats And Cats
Mother Whale
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1. Speckled Eggs For Speckled Lovers
2. Return To Danger Castle
3. The Projectionist
4. A Song For My Mother, The Whale
5. The Seaweed Brother
6. For The Love Of The Mechanical Bears
7. O' Science
8. Celebration
9. Christmas Lions
10. Match Of The Day
11. Olympus Mons
12. Zoomercroom
13. Come Home

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