Fair Ohs - Everything Is Dancing (2011)

East London three-piece Fair Ohs are very passionate about independent music. So much so, in fact, they’ve taken the DIY approach of releasing their debut album, ‘Everything is Dancing’, through their own label, Honey High.
That’s all very nice, but first things first: There is a massive elephant in the room that goes by the name of Vampire Weekend. True, more than one band is allowed to follow a particular path of musicality and Fair Ohs share a blend of African rhythms with tight, clipped guitars similar to that of the aforementioned Weekenders. However, where Fair Ohs differ, and elevate themselves, from their cross-Atlantic counterparts is in their punchy vitality: Fair Ohs are funkier, punkier and hit home much, much harder.
In its more frenzied moments, ‘Everything is Dancing’ sweeps the listener up in its crash-bang-wallop drums and harried guitars. There are plenty of joyous explosions of sound such as on the tropical-rockabilly of ‘Eden Rock’, the bug-eyed insanity of ‘Katasraj’ and the zapped, outer-space riffage of ‘Yah’; all such moments displaying an evident obsession of rhythm, groove and getting people off their arses (It’s in the title).
Yet whilst the rolling rhythms of Africa are an important point of reference, the delicate, lilting melodies of Eastern music appear on the title track and ‘Helio’; both songs employing a sitar-like guitar sound which, despite dancing above funky bass and drums, is just on the wrong side of gauche Orientalism.
‘Everything is Dancing’ is a simple record about simple pleasures such as swimming and lazing around in the sun. It is almost lowest common denominator stuff as this band’s intention is to get you moving. Judging by this, it will only be the miserable few who don’t.
Fair Ohs
Everything Is Dancing
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1. Baldessari
2. Eden Rock
3. Colours
4. Yah
5. Almost Island
6. Everything Is Dancing
7. Helio
8. Katasraj
9. Marie
10. Summer Lake

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United Kingdom
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