Theory of a Deadman - The Truth is... (2011)

The platinum-selling Vancouver quartet builds arena-ready hooks around hard rocking stories of good times, bad times and everything in between. "Lowlife" is a raucous anthem celebrating simple pleasures. Meanwhile, "The Bitch Came Back" gives a hilarious send-off to a bad ex with roaring guitars and flourishes of horns. "Hurricane" stirs up a storm of emotions over an orchestral hum of guitars and massive chorus. Then there's "Head Above Water," which delivers an uplifting, contemplative message encased in mid-tempo rhythms. Theory of a Deadman are telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, like it or not.

Theory of a Deadman
The Truth is...
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1. Lowlife
2. Bitch Came Back
3. Hurricane
4. Out Of My Head
5. Gentleman
6. Love Is Hell
7. The Truth Is ... (I Lied About Everything)
8. Head Above Water
9. Drag Me To Hell
10. What Was I Thinking
11. Easy To Love You
12. We Were Men
13. Careless (Bonus Track)
14. Does It Really Matter (Bonus Track)
15. Villain (Bonus Track)
16. Better Or Worse (Bonus Track)
17. Out Of My Head (Acoustic Bonus Track)
18. Easy To Love You (Acoustic Bonus Track)

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Roadrunner Records
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