Viva Brother - Famous First Words (2011)

Formerly known as Brother, up and coming UK band Viva Brother's popularity is on the rise. 
Viva Brother are the latest UK hype band to emerge seemingly from nowhere, this time making self-proclaimed "Grit Pop." The term is an obvious nod to Britpop but also to their hometown of Slough (which, by the way, still isn't half as gritty as Pulp's early 1990s Sheffield). A large part of how they have made it this far has to do with their loudmouth posturing in the British indie press and in public starting their second ever gig with the line "If anyone here doesn’t want to see the future of music, leave now."
That kind of sassy talk has polarized the UK press but at least puts them leagues ahead of countless other faceless major label bands in the personality game. With ten new songs on their brand new album, 'Famous First Words', these English rockers are aiming to please listeners with catchy lyrics that are sure to get stuck in your head. The lyrics reflect a swagger befitting a young band whose cocksure attitude has garnered considerable attention across the Atlantic. The choruses are built for Glastonbury chant-along with their memorable melodies. Don’t look for introspection. This is young men with guitars where the considerable influence of ‘90s Brit pop looms large. Being called "The Return of the Great British Guitar Band," by the NME, Leonard Newell, Josh Ward, Samuel Jackson, and Frank Colucci are coming in strong and proving to the rock community that they are here to stay. "New Year's Day", is their latest single.
Viva Brother
Famous First Words
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1. New Year's Day
2. Still Here
3. David
4. High Street Low Lives
5. Electric Daydream
6. Darling Buds of May
7. Otherside
8. Fly By Nights
9. False Alarm
10. Time Machine

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A&M / Octone
United Kingdom
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