The Black Rabbits - Hypno Switch (2011)

With exciting new collectives such as The Black Rabbits hopping into the thoroughfare of the indie rock music arena, there is great promise for the genre indeed. This is a band cool enough to be enjoyed by adventurous musical youth as well as their classic rock loving parents, The Black Rabbits debut full length album 'Hypno Switch' was produced by Stan Lynch and Billy Chapin of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and the collaboration is a wildly successful affair. According to lead singer Jetson Black "It's loud yet soft, edgy yet pure, it has retro elements and modern ones, it's both serious and playful at the same time." 

The Black Rabbits
Hypno Switch
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1. Twist
2. My Baby Don't
3. Hurry, Hurry
4. Hypno Switch
5. Emotion
6. Amid These Tears
7. Painter, Poet, Prophet, Priest
8. All Alone Again
9. For Way Too Long Now
10. So Long, Sophia

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Rock Ridge Music
United States
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