Sparrow and the Workshop - Spitting Daggers (2011)

They say you can tell a lot about a band by the company they keep. Since the release of last year’s debut LP Crystals Fall, Glasgow-based trio Sparrow and the Workshop have been supporting American rockers The Brian Jonestown Massacre (after the latter’s singer Anton Newcombe became smitten with their tune, Devil Song) both in Europe and the US. In addition, they’ve been kicking their heels on tour with The Pogues, while two-thirds of the band also featured on Roddy Woomble’s decidedly rockist recent album, The Impossible Song & Other Songs. Consequently, "Spitting Daggers" sounds much beefier than its predecessor.

Sparrow and the Workshop
Spitting Daggers
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1. Pact To Stay Cold
2. You Don't Trust Anyone
3. Spitting Daggers
4. Our Lady Of The Potatoes
5. Faded Glory
6. Snakes In The Grass
7. Father Look
8. Old Habits
9. Against the Grain
10. Soft Sound Of Your Voice

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Distiller Records
United Kingdom
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