She Wants Revenge - Valleyheart (2011)

With 'Valleyheart' - their third full-length offering - She Wants Revenge has achieved the kind of dynamic catharsis every band hopes it will survive long enough to experience: rising up out of their diverse influences, She Wants Revenge has taken flight, fully realizing a sound all their own. 
Its been four years since She Wants Revenge released their last full length album ‘This Is Forever’. Since then they’ve set up their own record label and have come back with ‘Valleyheart’, a dark record which you can dance to, something which the guys are well known for.
They have a much more individual style throughout this album compared to their previous offerings. The obvious influences from other gothic musicians such as The Cure and Depeche Mode are subtle but not forgotten. Gone are the endless synths to welcome a much more stripped down version of the band with guitars and eerie vocals.
‘Must Be The One’ is the first single from the album. One of the slower tracks and much more stripped down than what She Wants Revenge usually offers, the vocals are what makes the track.
‘Valleyheart’ isn’t short of up tempo tracks either, ‘Up In Flames’, ‘Maybe She’s Right’ and ‘Suck It Up’ have strong bass lines and melodies which create the gothic dance sound. Hints of 70’s glam rock pop up now and again with the hard jolting guitar riffs.
Although its always easy to compare bands, She Wants Revenge have made sure that ‘Valleyheart’ is much more individual to them. The L.A duo have shown in this new release that they’re a force to be reckoned with in the originality and creativity sweepstakes.
She Wants Revenge
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1. Take the World
2. Kiss Me
3. Up In Flames
4. Must Be the One
5. Not Just a Girl
6. Reasons
7. Little Stars
8. Suck it Up
9. Holiday Song
10. Maybe She's Right

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Five Seven Music
United States
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