Thee Oh Sees - Castlemania (2011)

With John Dwyer manning the reins, psych-garage punks Thee Oh Sees have been releasing records at a ridiculous clip since hitting the scene in the late ‘00s. Less than a year after releasing Warm Slime,the band was set to unleash Castlemania upon bruise cruisers and their landlubbing counterparts the underground over. While Thee Oh Sees’ catalog often plays like one long, unrelenting wallop sliced up into individual songs, Castlemania finds the Bay Area band introducing more baroque instrumentation to gild their swirling attack. And while it’s hard to imagine John Dwyer ever releasing something flat-out happy, a slightly more cheerful disposition lurks behind theses tales of desperation and bottoming out.

Thee Oh Sees
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A1 I Need Seed
A2 Corprophagist (A Bath Perhaps)
A3 Stinking Cloud
A4 Corrupted Coffin
A5 Pleasure Blimp
A6 A Wall, A Century
B1 Spider Cider
B2 Whipping Continues
B3 Blood on the Deck
B4 Castlemania
B5 AA Warm Breeze
B6 Idea for Rubber Dog
B7 The Horse Was Lost
C1 I Won’t Hurt You
C2 If I Stay Too Long
C3 What Are We Craving?

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In the Red Records
United States
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