Iroha - Iroha (2011)

Finally the first full length from Andy Swan's new project IROHA. It includes 2 different mixes of the album and several remixes of befriended artists like JESU or TRANSITIONAL.

Andy Swan - born in Birmingham, England. At the age of 12 Andy became interested in the punk and post-punk music scene of the late 70’s and early 80’s. At the age of 16 Andy met justin broadrick (godflesh, jesu) and, discovering their mutual love of bands as diverse as Throbbing Gristle, Joy Division, Crass and Swans, formed the experimental electronics outfit, Final. With an eye on the burgeoning Power Electronics scene they based their sound around harsh tones, twisted tape loops, structured noise and recorded samples. Another chance meeting led to nic bullen (napalm death) joining Final for several recording sessions. With a growing library of recorded material, Andy and Justin created post mortem rekordings. as an outlet for Final’s material. Based around the DIY ethic of punk, this tape-only label not only released all of Final’s early output but also material by other like-minded groups such as Un-Kommunity (featuring Tim Gain now of Stereolab), Con Dom and Grey Wolves.

After gradually becoming creatively dis-illusioned with the dance scene it was only after meeting up again with Justin Broadrick and Nic Bullen in 2007 that Andy decided to return to a more experimental, guitar-based sound. Combining his love of shoe-gaze with the melancholic 80's sound of New Order, Andy created Iroha, naming his new project after a Japanese poem.

Early 2010 IROHA joined Denovali Records to release a collaboration record with FRAGMENT. from France. Now they're back with their first full length. The clou concerning this debut is the fact that people are getting two cds / lps with 2 different mixes and several remixes of befriended artists. Disc one features the original IROHA mix from Andy Swan. Disc two includes a finish from JUSTIN K. BROADRICK and several remixes of TRANSITIONAL, JESU and BLACK GALAXY.

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1. Last Day of Summer
2. Autumn Leaves
3. Watercolours
4. Reminisce
5. Dreams
6. Drifted
7. Eternal
8. Iroha

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Denovali Records
United Kingdom
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