TV on the Radio - Nine Types of Light‎ (2011)

"Nine Types of Light" is the fourth album from TV on the Radio. You will want to refer to it as the "fourth proper studio album" from TV On The Radio; those albums were preceded by an EP, Young Liars, and an 18-track handmade CD called OK Calculator, that is considered more like a demo tape (because it was "released" by being hidden in random sofa cushions of New York coffee shops). Enhancing nearly every aspect of their Shortlist Prize-winning Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes, 2006's Return to Cookie Mountain was released to crazy universal acclaim. Rolling Stone said "It might be the most oddly beautiful, psychedelic and ambitious album of the year," with The New York Times agreeing: "It's more experimental yet catchier, more introspective yet more assertive, by turns gloomier and funnier, and above all richer in both sound and implication. `Return to Cookie Mountain' is simply one of this year's best albums."

Nine Types of Light is the follow-up to the band's gorgeous, glorious 2008 release, Dear Science, and proved to be its breakout release. It was named album of the year by Rolling Stone, Spin, Pitchfork, Entertainment Weekly and MTV; and touring behind the album, the group sold out a year's worth of live shows across the world. This, however, did not prevent everyone from referring to TV On The Radio as a Brooklyn band. That is not a bad thing. The group - Tunde Adebimpe, Kyp Malone, Dave Sitek, Jaleel Bunton, Gerard Smith - are indeed from Brooklyn.

TV on the Radio
Nine Types of Light‎
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320 kbps

1. Second Song
2. Keep Your Heart
3. You
4. No Future Shock
5. Killer Crane
6. Will Do
7. New Cannonball Blues
8. Repetition
9. Forgotten
10. Caffeinated Consciousness

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Interscope Records
United States
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