The Human Abstract - Digital Veil (2011)


"The Human Abstract is known for their brand of progressive and neo-classical metal. And as album opener “Elegiac” proves, they have not lost their branding and are even better than ever. The Human Abstract has always been a talented yet unique band and their talent continues to show through with Digital Veil. “Complex Terms” is very technical and includes great screaming and some top-notch singing. You also get a sense of movements in the tracks like true classical music. If you listed everything thrown into one song it would a give sense that it would sound awful, but The Human Abstract melds it together beautifully where it sounds amazing, epic, flawless, and about any other positive adjective you can throw in there. The album is only eight songs and thirty seven minutes long, but this is very effective in not being too long and yet not being too short where you are left wanting more. The addition of a new vocalist and the return of their original guitarist has completely refreshed this band after Midheaven and released their best album to date so far. After showing potential on their last albums, The Human Abstract and found the winning combination and should continue along this path they have started to create for themselves. When every song is well worth the price of admission, it is only worthy to give Digital Veil a prefect score."


[E1 Music]



The Human Abstract
Digital Veil
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1. Elegiac
2. Complex Terms
3. Digital Veil
4. aust
5. Antebellum
6. Holographic Sight
7. Horizon to Zenith
8. Patterns

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Entertainment One Music
United States
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