Funeral Party - The Golden Age of Knowhere (2011)

Here we have the debut full length from LA based post-punk outfit Funeral Party. With only one officially released EP, RCA Records (Sony Entertainment) were quick to take a risk on these guys. Since then, the band has released two singles, “New York City Moves To The Beat Of LA” and “Finale” on the label, and I doubt RCA are regretting their risk in the slightest. The band has been generating quite a stir in the music community; perhaps this is what RCA saw in the band, or perhaps it’s a product of the union.
The hype the band has been receiving has finally come to fruition with the release of their debut full length "Golden Age Of Knowhere". Much like The Black Lips before them, the album paints a picture with a little bit of everything in mind. Ranging from the record opener “New York City Moves To The Beat Of LA”, to the At The Drive-In-esque “Just Because”, to the spacey heart of “Postcards Of Persuasion”, Golden Age Of Knowhere takes a stroll through all of the bands distinctive influences without picking up too much so as to weigh it down.
With near-uniformly 3:30 song lengths right across the board, you may find yourself checking back on the album midway, but the band do an excellent job of shuffling themselves up mid-record to keep everything exciting. Not that post-punk inspired rock is anything to get bored with; bassist Kimo Kauhola has channeled Gang Of Four’s Dave Allen, using his distinct brand of distorted, robotic-like bass lines as the driving force behind most of the album.
Funeral Party’s innovative brand of dance-punk is likely to make more than a few appearances on radio stations and in nightclubs around the world. Like MGMT, The Killers, and The Black Lips before them, The Golden Age Of Knowhere is the perfect medium between pop culture and a long lost niche of inspiration.
Funeral Party
The Golden Age of Knowhere
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1. New York City Moves to the Sound of L.A.
2. Car Wars
3. Finale
4. Where Did It Go Wrong
5. Just Because
6. Postcards of Persuasion
7. Giant
8. City in Silhouettes
9. Youth & Poverty
10. Relics to Ruins
11. The Golden Age of Knowhere

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Red Int
United States
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