tUnE-yArDs - WHOKILL (2011)

April 18/19th (US) marks the release of the second album from Merrill Garbus' tUnE-yArDs. Entitled "WHOKILL", the album was recorded shortly after Garbus transplanted herself from Montreal to sunny Oakland, California having extensively toured debut album BiRd-BrAiNs through 2009 and 2010. 

WHOKILL retains the honesty of the lonely bedroom confessionals of her early work, but with the addition of the fangs, claws and dented metal of her new surroundings. Indeed, Oakland’s particular landscapes serve as primer for what you hear on the album, with the city’s unique vitality fueling the brightness of WHOKILL. By applying the tUnE-yArDs live approach to her studio work for the first time, Merrill’s added more buttons and joints to those already being used - one essential new joint is dexterous bass member Nate Brenner, who co-wrote a few songs. 

Produced by Garbus herself and working with engineer Eli Crews, they show there’s no substitute for a good microphone, and the sonic nuances that can only be achieved through masterful recording techniques can be heard in each drumbeat and vocal line. Speaking to Pitchfork about the new record, Garbus explains: 

"People kept saying, "Oh, I wish your recordings were more like your live show." But the stubborn, contrarian impulse in me wanted to rebel against their desires a little bit. I have no interest in making a live album. But, at the same time, I wanted to record it better than I had been able to record the last album. So I went into a real studio with a real engineer and real microphones."

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320 kbps

1. My Country
2. Es So
3. Gangsta
4. Powa
5. Riotriot
6. Bizness
7. Doorstep
8. You Yes You
9. Wolly Wolly Gong
10. Killa

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United States
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