Parenthetical Girls - Privilege Pt. III, Mend and Make Do (EP) (2011)

Third in their series of five EPs, the insatiably beautiful Parenthetical Girls release "Privilege Pt. III, Mend and Make Do" this March 22nd. “The Pornographer” opens the four tracks with sopping pop and seductive synth that wraps around you, drums breathing heavily behind the sensuously soaring warmth of Zac Pennington’s voice. The danceable “For All The Final Girls” whispers strung beats to your tapping feet, before opening up to the 80′s soaked “Be Careful Who You Dance With”. The title track, “Mend & Make Do (Found Drama II)” sails off the end of the record, softly pitting the cooing of Rachael Jenson against Zac’s calm harmonies.
If the music of Privilege Pt. III can’t capture you, despite being as well rounded as a full moon beaming blue light on the snow, you might pick up the limited edition vinyl to be numbered in the blood of its cover star Jherek Bischoff. Yes, blood. I’m not even kidding. I’m partially scared, but mainly in love. -Mike Harper


Parenthetical Girls
Privilege Pt. III, Mend and Make Do (EP)
Album art: 
Release date: 
320 kbps

1. The Pornographer
2. For All The Final Girls
3. Careful Who You Dance With
4. Mend & Make Do (Found Drama II)

Music label: 
Slender Means Society
United States
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